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Suddenly No DRAM detected


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All of a sudden my computer stoped dead after about 5 minutes of being on. Powered it up again and noticed several fans weren't working and got these long beeps in an endless loop. Nothing showed up on the monitor. Looked that Beep up in the manual for the MOBO and it says that beep BIOS code means no DRAM is installed or detected. I Bought a new PSU and the other fans work now but still no DRAM detected. So did the failing PSU screw something up?



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It might matter which fans?... it also might matter how long power was applied without them?.... Last but not least do you have another machine to check your memory sticks in - how many memory sticks involved? Do give them a visual, if any suspect contacts swab with isopropyl alcohol, then reinstall them (possibly in different slots if available).

And post back with more information on the three things I mentioned.


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Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing. I think I remember the only fans not working were side fans but the CPU heatsink fan was working. I am pretty sure. I thought the BIOS had a CPU temperature warning auto shut off anyway!? I don't have another machine to checl out this DIMM (164 pin) RAM chip. I unplugged everything from the MOBO (removed all PCI cards, IDE cables, Memory chip) and the result was the same. I switched Memory slots and still no difference.

Are you thinking it's the CPU that got fried? Mobo or Memory chip?

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