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Subwoofer problem

My subwoofer started buzzing the other day and its driving me mad :mad: . I disconnected it and it is still buzzing with only the power connected?
the sub is a "David 250 D-Box" if anyone had a similar problem please let me know the cost or if it is posible to fix myself..
stays at the same volume when turned up and nothing is near it besides my couch i've had this sub for about 6 years and it just started doing this..
do you leave it on all the time? i have a fairly big sub with its own amp and if you leave it on for > 3 hours or so without playing anything it makes these relatively quiet "electrical" buzzing noises. If you turn it off it goes away.


The Analog Kid
Old is not a bad thing for speakers....

1) grab a screwdriver, remove sub from box. Check box for anything that could cause rattling (lost/loose screws, hair balls, etc). Check the port (if there is one) for obstructions.

2) remove 'weatherstripping' from sub, grab some compressed air and blow the cone, surround, and voice coil. Make sure all dust is blown out.

3) run a bead of silicone around the cut out hole and replace speaker. Make sure to use just enough silicone to seal the box and not run out onto the speaker. Screw the mounting screws in tight. You can also add a very small amount of silicone to the screw holes.

4) make sure all connections (audio/electrical) are a) clean, not corroded and b) tight. This includes from the device sending the signal.

5) make sure no audio wires are crossing electrical wires.

6) Plug sub amp electrical into another outlet on a different circuit.
thanx dreamliner i will check that out how much do u think it would cost me to bring it in to a professional the reason i am asking it sounds like u know what u are talking about dreamliner..

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