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Submission Of News - EP


XP-erience Oldie
EP can we get somit sorted, cos I will be submitting lots of news from now on, just kinda annoying that I gotta go through you or one of the others, its will make the whole process a whole lot quicker :D

Cheers boss,



OSNN Godlike Veteran
The easiest way to submit news it with the link on the front page. All news posters get an email letting us know a member has submitted news. So, any news you want submitted, please use the link on the front page :)


OSNN Godlike Veteran
Just a note, as I see you've submitted some news: Keep in mind, all news that is submitted by members doesn't always make the front page, for various reasons. Could be it's been posted already (it's best if you search before posting so you're not upset your news wasn't posted), might be we don't feel it's news worthy. We try to be cutting edge with our news, we want things posted that every other tech site doesn't have posted.

If something you submitted doesn't get posted, don't whine about it, it wasn't posted for a good reason.

Also, include a link to the article you're submitting. If there is not link to the specific article, it won't be posted. I know I don't have the time to track it down and I'm sure other news posters don't either. No link means it's automatically deleted.


XP-erience Oldie
Ok Jewelzz, I don't mind if they ain't posted on the main site, I only give you the news I feel is important. If it ain't posted I won't get the hump ;)

I will try harder to give you the link everytime:D


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