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StyleXp Expired



Hey everyone, I have 2 days left till Style XP expires. Is there a freeware program out there that will do the same thing? I ain't payin' no 20bux to register! HAHA


What happens when the 30 days are up and it expires? I have read so many different thing about Styles XP, I'm confused... is it true that once u install it you dont need it? so techinically someone can install it, and then just use the display properties in the control panel to change their themes and never open styles xp again?
The older and better style XP

I use Version 3 of style xp. It requires no registration and is much smaller w/o all the useless bells and whistles. Try searching for it, I also have it somewhere.

Just a thought.


Spanko, that's only true with the older versions. If you have anything over version 3 (I think it is) it will start posting reminders that you have to register it and only let you use the default XP styles. To use your styles without StyleXP go to TGT Soft's site and download their Uxtheme Util. It will allow you to use all your styles and as previously stated is legally free.


I've uploaded a hacked uxtheme.dll, you can get it here. http://members.madasafish.com/~chale/stuff/themehack.zip

You need to back up your existing uxtheme.dll, and then boot into safe mode and replace it with the one from the zipfile. This will allow XP to used unsigned themes. Extract your themes into c:\windows\resources\themes.

Costs you nothing, and it's legal. Probably.
Why does everyone want to just pirate a version of styleXP when TGTsoft offers the uxtheme patch themself!!!! just goto tgtsoft.com like boxman said and your set to go!


I don't want to try the uxtheme.dll because I tried it before and I had to format my computer:mad:
I did exactly like the instructions said at the official site, and then when I rebooted it said Said Error cannot run explorer.exe, explorer.exe not found.
And I got screwed:(
If explorer.exe could not be found then something had to have seriously gone wrong!!! the worse the uxtheme.dll missing would do is cause you to not be able to get into your desktop till you replace it, or put you in default w2kish mode.

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