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Style XP Beta 5.0.0


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Where did you post it? Hasn't been in the themes-forum before now, so it isn't me (if i don't delete threads in sleep:D )


im not sure either mate

we were hacked this morning, im not sure if that has anything to do with it ...

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Thought it was odd, cos I wrote a huge doc off post, using bold italics, screenshots, descriptions - did this at about 5am.
Woke up next day (time witheld) and saw that my post had gone and you had posted a (what looked like) summary of it.
So if you have server logs, you could look between those times.

Not a chance that my housemate did it, he is lazier than me!
Must have been done between 5 and whenever you decided to do the Style XP post

We will get to the bottom of it ;)

Shame updating NukePHP easier :(

All that hard work for nothing eh? hheheh ..

Lame indeed.. i doubt that this had anything 2 do with the hack you mentioned Waddy.. Although i am not denying that completely. If it was a hack,well then its kinda questionable, Do the hacker have the ability to mod files,forums (this forum to), News..etc?

I know the site have been hacked before!

I got this strange message in me browser 1 day! THis Site haS bEen HAckEd By ...(cant remember the nick) If Mdsalih remember ..i sendt him a screenshot of it..



yer some guy changed the front page yesterday morning...

it said something like " mail me for all your security needs" LOL

it was an new Exploit posted on Security Focus and a heaps of hacking sites, takes about 2 minutes and you have full control of a PHPnuke website... its very easy

I could have easily issued a killall%20httpd
from that exploit and killed the web server daemon on any Nuke site , but these kids wouldnt even know what that is :p

they just know how to use ready made scripts with instructions


as he was hacking I was patching the website in telnet ,so his title to fame lasted about 30 seconds , while the server updated ....

He would have been messaging all his friends, "Check this out"

No shit he would have died when he did the hack, then about 20 seconds later our normal page popped back , he had deleted the whole site, well what he thought was the site ..ROFL !!

it was pretty funny...

Regarding passwords , they are all encrypted and held in the database , which he couldnt and didnt access..............

even if he did get in there hes got to decrypt 128bit encrytption....now unless thats credit card details its a waste of a few weeks for one password to post on a forum :D ....

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