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style bulider prob little help !


grand mufti

ok heres whats up. in tryin to skin the caption bar buttons like the minimize and question mark buttons( under the windows and toolbar menu ) and i know the base color is used for all 3 but the close button. so each button has its own *glyph* thats what my question is about. so i right click+edit the miximizeGlyph the 3rd one in from the left or 3rd bigest ok so im in adobe tryin to edit this and i find out that i need to change the mode from indexed to RGB to add a layer or paint it so when im done doing whatever to it i go to file+save and then look at it in style bulider and now the base background of the miximizeGlyph witch was the transparent window color now is WHITE! anything i do no matter what. i have to change the mode of it to RGB to skin it and when i do this it changes the background to white when i save. so how do i get around this ?!?

PS if was made you head spin or you have no idea what im talkin about let me know and il post a few pics or something


im not an expert at this, but are what file format are you saving it as in photoshop? should be converted back to indexed color and saved as a .png right?

sorry, just brainfarting.


OSNN Senior Addict
Also remeber that you often will have to increase the color depth for maintaining the colours, this could indeed be your problem.

grand mufti

well te prob was not me it was style builder i checked the files under programs and found that they were all indexed ! so i dont know how this happened so i reinstalled and its fine now

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