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Our pc provider used to ship us white boxes. Now for some dumb reason they include a windows xp, preloading with crap much like dell. I spend time uninstalling, with that done I begin configuring (I use the normal start menu, the classic theme, disable auto updates etc) then I add them to the domain. After a reboot all my configuration are gone, anyone who logs in gets the default theme, start menu and that retarded take a tour balloon.

I want all of this gone. I was using a custom install disk with all those options stripped out but with windows preinstalled I can't do that. Is there something I can do that will allow all my local admin settings to be applied for everyone who logs in henceforth?


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Sounds like you had an account with your profile and its logging into the default profile rather than the one you setup.

Log out, log-in to the one you setup and your configuration changes should be present.

Then you can go around setting up the guest profiles.


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It's not guest profiles so much. The issue applies to the other domain users who login. They all have the default profile assigned to them.


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If it is Windows XP with SP2, log in with the local administrator account (not with admin priveleges, but "administrator"). By behavior, all future accounts will inherit settings set forth by this account. They changed that after SP2.

That being said, it may not apply in this case - depends on how your OEM set up the details on it.


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Could it be also that there is a mandatory profile that is being picked up from somewhere, or that the machine somehow is inheriting a group profile?

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