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Stupid Question but stumped.


Heineken Man

Ok I know this is a stupid question but I am not sure how to correct this. Ok I am reading a book on "C" and it starts with some simple codes that open up a dos window and display some text. Well the question is how the hell do I keep the dos window open. As far as I can tell all my scripts work but it flashes so quick that I can hardly get a glance. It is begining to annoy me. Anyone know how to stop dos from closing after it runs the script?

Thanks for all that reply,
Heineken Man


Try to read a value from i/o at th end of your code ( getch(), scanf(...) )....read MSDN for more information about these funcion.


try this(works in java, which is much the same)

make sure u initialized the input stream thingy(IStream in java)

then add to the end before closing the brackets 'Input.pause();'

that will leave the window open until u hit return

or put in while(true){}

which will leave the window open until it is closed manually


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
you need to run the programs from a dos window not from "run" or the built in run

i.e go to start->run and type cmd

then change to your directory and run the program

I will look into keeping a command window open (it is a windows thing not your program)

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