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This is in respect of icons on the wallpaper, I did know how to do this but I have forgotten, I want to take away the coloured square behind the text. I have been to system advanced but can't seem to find the right box to untick. Thanks for your help


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No that didn't work, I tried that before, I think you have to untick one of the boxes which just leaves the text which I want. Thanks anyway


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Have you tried selecting adjust for best performance, applying it and then clicking adjust for best apperance?


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I have set up my theme,icons etc through Style XP. When I do as you suggest for some reason it goes back to the classic style. I then have to mess about with everything again. As I say its just stupid but annoying I am certain I am only a click away.


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Right click My Computer>Properties>Advanced tab>Performance
Check the "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop" option. :)


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DeeBeeS said:
Thanks for your input, much appreciated. I see you come from Suffolk, so do I in Haughley Village nr Stowmarket.
I'm a bit further East, well any further East and you end up in the Sea! Near Sunny Lowestoft.
Problem solved I right clicked on the desktop, clicked on arrange icons by and saw that the lock Web items on desktop was clicked, I removed that and then it all came good. Thanks a bunch chaps.

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