Stupid hard drive question


4 Dec 2001
My current HD is a Seagate ATA100 7200 80G. I have an old
14G hard drive laying around, that MAY be ATA66, but more likely
is ATA33, and 5400.

I'd like to use the old drive as a backup using Ghost.
If I connect the old drive as a slave to the new drive, will I
see a performance hit on the new drive?
It will slow it down if the other hard drive is quicker and has a higher RPM rate than 5400, but you will only notice it if you have a fast computer, on an older slow computer chances are you will not notice the difference.
Won't you only be able to "Ghost" the first 14gb of your new drive to your older drive? Might not be worth the cost for "Ghost". Do you have an onboard RAID controller, a RAID 1 setup would be free.
xeonox: That's what I figured. Guess I'll buy a new drive.

OS-Wiz: Ghost has a few different compression options, so
I shouldn't have any problem with space. I don't
have the whole 80GB hard drive full... yet. :D
Could you connect it to secondary slave, or is that aloready taken. you wouldn't notice any slow down if it was connected with a cd
Bytes back: That's a good idea. I forgot about that. I wonder if I'll take a write speed hit on my CR-RW if I do that... Only one way to find out.

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