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Stupid Driver Question


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How do I find out what version nVidia driver I have?

New PC, haven't installed any updated drivers. I keep trying to install PanitShop Pro but it hangs at a certain point. I found this on Corel's site:

The Paint Shop Pro 9 and X installation typically stops and hangs on the "Registering Modules" portion of the install. This behavior can also happen when attempting to run the program after installing. The article below will walk you through resolving this issue.

Computer hardware configurations including dual core processors and nVidia 6x and 7x GeForce Graphic cards could conflict with certain versions of Paint Shop Pro. This hardware configuration used in conjunction with nVidia's 81.85, 81.87, 81.94, 81.95 and 82.12 Forceware driver causes failure of the Paint Shop Pro X interface to display.

To resolve this problem, uninstall the aforementioned drivers and install latest driver version 84.21 released March 2006. See the following nVidia web pages for more information about the 84.21 driver and uninstalling nVidia drivers. When updating video card drivers, uninstalling your current drivers before installing new drivers is a critical step.

Driver Un-installation instructions.
Copy and paste the following URL into your web browser address bar.

Driver 84.21download and information -
Copy and paste the following URL into your web browser address bar.

Release Notes for 84.21
Copy and paste the following URL into your web browser address bar.
*Page 9 states "Windows XP: Corel Paint Shop Pro X does not work on dual-core processors."
But I don't want to update my drivers if I don't have to. :s


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Why do the f***ed up things always happen to me?

I uninstalled then reinstalled the new drivers and I couldn't connet to the net. I did a system restore and I can connect.
That is the freakiest video driver story I've heard.

By any chance did you uninstall the MB NF chipset drivers and then just put back in the video driver?

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