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Well, I just thought I'd share my misfortune with you all. I was surfing the net Saturday afternoon when my PC suddenly shut down. No warning, no BSOD, just died. So, thinking I must have had a blurb in the power (not thinking that the whole while my monitor stayed on :rolleyes: ), I turned it back on and immediately could smell something burning. Arrgg.

Turns out my IDE drive (Maxtor 120GB) which holds all my backups, hdd images, etc went bad. There is a chip on the controller board on the drive itself with a nice little burn hole on it. Not only that, but BOTH my sata raptors went bad at the same time! Aack! There isn't any visible damage on those drives, but they are both definitely bad. I bought a cheap SATA PCI controller card thinking the SATA controller on my mobo went bad, but neither of the drives (tried seperately) are recognized by the BIOS.

Luckily, I had an extra 80GB drive laying around and was able to re-install Windows to. What REALLY saved the day was an external 120GB USB2 drive which I was able to restore most of my data from! Yayyy!

Moral of the story: You cannot have too many backups! I even went out and bought a Lite-On DVD-RW drive to make more long-term backups now.

BTW: the Lite-On drive can record to everything except DVD-RAM and cost only $98 at Wal-Mart (go figure)! I thought that was a pretty sweet deal considering it's less expensive than even Newegg sells it for! Made my first DVD-R disc and no coaster. :)


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ouch, tough break. good job planning ahead, though. and time to update your sig. :)

i have most of my important data copied on two seperate computers. so if one explodes and destroys anything in a 5-foot radius, the other will be okay. :p


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Taurus said:
i have most of my important data copied on two seperate computers. so if one explodes and destroys anything in a 5-foot radius, the other will be okay. :p
Hahaha, Grenading towers. I like that, Taurus. Question, Are you yourself within that five foot radius?

Same here. Running Hot-swappable RAID1 drives in a seperate tower for exactly the same reason. Because of the loss of a couple of hard drives with very important info two years ago. Boy, did I learn a backup lesson that time.



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I guess I should update the sig, but the 2 Raptor drives are being RMA'd to Newegg as I write this, so the replacements will be going right back in there. I've had RAID0 just long enough to notice how much a single drive sucks! I've been spoiled. :)

I suppose I could add the Lite-On DVD recorder though...

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