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Background: Home network consisting of 1 Domain controller, 2 XPpro clients and 2 98SE clients. The DC had been running NT4 server, with a 3rd-party NAT program, and all was hunky-dory.

I decided to play around with a win2k Advanced Server box as my server, so I clear all the client shares and drop all the clients off the domain. Then I remove the box that was running NT4 and plug up my new box that will have 2kAS on it.

I install 2k Advanced Server, configure all the hardware, activate the build-in NAT, and create a user account. I then add this user account to the Domain Admins group.

After doing this, I go to one of the XP boxes, and join it to the new Domain (different domain name, fyi) without any problems. Reboot for good measure, log in as Admin, add the domain acct to the local admin group, and then log back in with the Domain account.

Everything looks great til I try to share a folder. I right-click, click Sharing, share the folder, click permissions, click Add to select names/groups. Lo and behold, the only "Location" available in the list is the local machine. For some reason, I cannot see the user list from the Domain Controller. I can't even type in the names, 'cause it gives me a "This location is not in the location list" error.

Any insights on what I might be missing would be appreciated.


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Not sure if this will help as I am a complete networking newbie ( I even made up my own names for everything :p)
but the XP cd vontians netwrok software updates for OS's older than XP... was required to let a housemates copy of Me connect to my xp network..
not sure the domain controller may need to have all of the user names and passwords, ie login details for you to be able to share things. You might try copying or importing the XP machines User details to the win2k server. You could try to configure the XP machine to be a server then set the two to domain replicate, there is an option somewhere in the Computer Management MMC somewhere.
You might try PM'ing JJB6486, go here is his info he is a network expert around here


Thanks guys, but it was a little DNS error that I found in my lookup tables.

Everything's working now :)

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