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Studying Music/Tips

If like me you like to have some nice background music going while your studying what is your favourite? Or if you have any good suggestions that you've found work well while studying it up, post those too.

I've found that some softer classical works very well, just loud enough to hear but not enough to really disturb your focus. Post your thoughts.

Here are a few things I've found help:
● 'Trance' or passive electrical music, no vocals
● Chamber Music
● Anything Bach
● Music with uplifting beat to keep the mood high, found 'Spanish guitar' music to be especially good here
● lots of good techno/rave stuff based on classical music that works very well
● quick breaks, nothing more than 5 minuites or I won't come back
● good lighting, best is natural light
● back support, soft seat though
● neutral arm position, have a desk about mid-level


Generally Random
Chicane win for me, hands down, their track "Overture" is awesome. Oscar Peterson is an excellent jazz pianist (/me waits for the "pianist = ..." joke) who helps me while I code :)

netryder said:
Trance works well for me too, though
Trance works well for anything :D

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