Stuck on SOF2 (Hong Kong Streets)


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This is sooo embarrasing, but I'm really stuck on SOF2, it is on the 'Hong Kong Streets' level. I go down into this small car park where there are people, then up a set of stairs into an allyway where there is another guy down one dead end. When I come out the other end of the ally, there is a car crash and a few guys to kill, then I blow a gas container and this puts a hole in the wall of a building and allows you to get into it. I have been all around this building and killed everyone, but when I come out I can't figure out where to go. I have wandered around the streets and tried every door but nothing. There just doesn't seem to be anywhere to go! Help!

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If you are where I think you are, you should be able to turn right if you face the building, which will bring you into an area of boxes and such with a few guys to kill, and if you wander around in there trying to open every door, I am sure that there is one in the way back corner that will open for you, I hope this helps.

The Moog

I I turn right when facing the building (the one I blew a hole in, and have searched through thoroughly until I have ended up on its top balcony after taking out a few snipers on opposite balconies) I end up facing two burning cars (the ones that crashed together). If I walk up to them, I can turn right down another road that ends in a 'T'. At the end of this there are a few people to kill, but then nowhere to go. I'm sorry if my descriptions are a bit rubbish!

Thanks for the reply!

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If I get a chance, I will jump back into that level for a bit, see what I can find, because I can almost remember where you are, but am not sure where you are stuck, I have been very busy lately, but I will see what I can do.
Go to the wall with the hole in it, go up the the third level, look for a blue sign and jump on it, then run and jump to the next building, kill any folk there, look for another sign and do the same again, at the end of this one you'll see a ladder

The Moog

Ahh! That was the one... Thanks so much for the help guys, I was getting so frustrated with just wandering around not knowing where I was going!

The Moog

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