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Stuck in Hell, in Doom III


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Has anyone beat the Balrog looking beast in Hell yet? There are 3 "sentrys" which fly around him which apparently have to be dead before he'll take any damage. Problem is, they respawn in about 10 seconds, so you have to run around constantly to avoid him while repeatedly killing all 3 sentrys for a 10 second window of damage time. You can use the Soul Cube on him after each 5 sentry kills. I've fought him for over an hour and there is no indication that he's taking any damage. I've hit him with the soul cube while he's "vulnerable" at least 50 times. finally went into God mode just to see if he's killable at all. Aparently he isn't. I'd be interested to see if anyone has found a way to kill him. In the interim, I'm taking a break!




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Brain Fart

devynal said:
Doom III you mean?? :) And yea, I'm having problems as well with this encounter. :)
THanks for the heads up. I changed it. That's what happens when you've played as many game titles as I have. And when you have as few brain cells left. ;-)



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i ment as a super mod or admin. I am not the kind of mod to change it...other wise i would of already.
I actually just finished beating that monster. How do you have the soul cube already? I got it after that battle. Anyway, before you jump into the green stuff that leads to the fight, if you walk around the ouside of it there is a BFG over in a corner. Having said that, you don't need the BFG :p

Use the rocket launcher to kill the seeker things, that makes the blue orb appear over him while spawning more seekers. Shoot the blue orb with the rocket launcher as well. It takes quite a few hits. He's pretty easy to avoid though, I just held down the run button for the entire fight and he never really got too close.


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Ketchupisyourfriend said:
I actually just finished beating that monster. How do you have the soul cube already? I got it after that battle.
I finally killed him by using the tactic you outlined. I got the soul cube when I used the "Give All" code after trying to kill him every other way. ;-) Finished the game this afternoon.


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