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Strung Out


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I went last night to the House of Blues in Chicago to see a band signed to Fat Wreck Chords called Strung Out. They were amazing as usual(3rd time i've seen them) but the bands before them were awful can't even remember their names and the sound in the place was pitiful.

As for Strung Out they are one of the best punk bands that has stayed true to who they are since the first time I've heard them. They have their softer side in some songs which I'm not too much of a fan of but most of their stuff is pretty hard (not thrash or metal) but they can be hard when they want to and mix in some slower good punk songs. If you have the opportunity check them out but one songs might sound very different from the next where some is hard some is really hard and so on going both ways.

Sorry to use the word punk but it's more of a genre typing than anything cause I hate the word punk when it comes to "i'm punk" and those sort of things. If you don't know what I mean by using the term punk, see Avril Lavigne or Blink 182 to know what I don't like about using the term punk.

Edit...they also have one of the best three drummers I've ever heard. of course some songs don't show this as much as some others but if you catch him in a song that shows his skills you will be pleasantly suprised

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