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Personally I disagree. I would much rather have to manually remove MS' garbage by hand, using mostly very well documented techniques than have to fight with hp or compaq and all their proprietary shit they throw in with a PC. Thankfully I won't deal with this at home due to homebuilts and the like, but at work is another story. This type of software is almost always impossible to completely remove and is ALWAYS buggy as hell. No thanks, AOL isn't that tough to install.

Oh, yeah, who the hell says you must remove WMP to install RealPlayer? Or remove IE to install Nutscrape? No one besides MS...
I say leave Microsoft alone......... Damn , the United States have spent more money on trying to take down Bill Gates then they have trying to take down Osama Bin-Bombing !!!!!!

Microsoft is good for the US economy.

Beside I would rather have one OS vs. say 5 or six. If that was the case then all the software makers would have to make 5 or 6 different ver. of there software...... That would suck.

We are better of with a norm or standard to go buy then you can just MOD and custom it yourself.......

Thats just my 2 cents.............


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My two cents

why would you want nutscrape and aohell .......its always the same yes bill has done some lets say shady moves to make microsoft what it is today, but if anyone else would have had the chance and the brains to do so they would have done the same its always the same the guy that did not make it goes after the one that did ...... sore loosers is all i see you dont like microsoft? then get linux and live with it, as for not being able to install real player or nutscrape thats all bull we all know that, any way you look at it, it just the guys in second and third place crying about their postions, sure microsoft is not perfect anyone know of anything that is ........... beside me that is LOLOL ........... I guess they will keep crying about it untill bill and the boys open the doors to the source codes that up to now have been kept for bills eyes only, making it sometimes harder for the competion to write stuff that is able to run as they want on microsofts OS's ......but its more bull then truth.


I agree

Leave it as it is , the only reason AOhell want a part of it is to make extra money from selling us stuff

They want a piece of the pie - when they did nothing to help make that pie

NO.... the price would go up....... The cost for software makers to make software for 3 or 4 or 5 OS's would make them up the price.......



This is getting ridiculous. I don't know if you all have heard about certain elementary schools (grades K-8) that want to ban dodgeball and 4-square because 'it's not fair to the less physically able kids'. Shut the **** up!!! It's the same with Microsoft, just because AOL can't muscle up and play dodgeball with MS they got to go to the principal's office and complain. Maybe AOL should cut down on all those fucking CDs they mail out and give away, and concentrate on developing something that can compete. And for the Compaq's, Gateway's, etc. Jesus, not only do they already come with fucked up configurations, stupid software that's implemented, and running resources you can't even SEE!!! Now they want a bare naked Windows to add even more???!?!?

Hey E-Punk, I think it would cost more. If I read the MS statement correct, they would have to basically re-design Windows. And the way it sounds, they would have to make Windows compatible with a whole shitload of different programs (ex: instead of I.E. as the basis for Net, they would have to code it for whatever else crap these companies want). I don't know, I may be wrong, and to other people I talk to about this they keep bringing up the word "fair" and "it's not right" for what Microsoft does. But I think its a waste of time, money, resources, and good minds to keep nitpicking at Mr. Bill.

Take care yall.
As it stands MS claims that it's impossible to 100% remove IE from windows...which is true, you can 90% remove it, but not a full 100% because they scattered some its code into critical files. but you can stop it from loading up a web browser

But what bothers me is this..if people use IE because they are too lazy to wanna try anything else...then so be it. AOL is converting to Mozilla which will cause a serious browser usage shift, but the problem is most websites now are written solely for IE..and don't render well under the Gecko/Mozilla engine ( for example

if companies want they can just install netscape or whatever and set it as the default browser..

The states just think that MS would lower the price of windows if they strip out media player and all (and you know employees will put it back in so who cares)

I don't think MS is a "law-abiding" company at times..They are a monopoly..but ah well, so are plenty of other companies. One day the US is gonna press too hard and MS is gonna move to Canada where there aren't anti-trust laws to contend with. And the canadian govt has already told MS they are welcome and will give them great tax breaks due to the sheer amt of money it will bring in..and canada isn't too far from there current HQ...
Alright!!!!!!Somebody mentioned the Postal Service!!!!
If there has ever been an organization that needed it's monopoly on the market removed,its the U.S. Postal Service.It is mismanaged,bloated,and worthless.UPS and Federal Express have stated that they can deliver First-Class mail for 15 cents a letter.On June 30,the Postal Service will raise rates to 37 cents,to cover profit loss and costs due to the Sept.11 attacks.Microsoft is nothing compared to these guys.


At last people talking some sense, why do people have a go at microsoft all of the time. They build good products compare any of their software and u find very few that are better, IE is miles a head of netscape, and windows media player that ships with XP can not even be compared to real player. So i say stop trying to close microsoft just because they built a good os first, and build even better products for us to download and compare to what microsoft gives us with its lastest OS. And just about the OEM thing i agree i have a Packard Bell computer which was full of shit programs i have no formated with my own XP disk and Packard Bell is now gone from my computer so many other pieces of software now work that did not before all because the computer came fucked up.


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