Striker overclock question


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13 Nov 2002
Hello again!!

I'm trying to boost my q6600 from 2.4ghz (stock) to 3.0:)
I've changed the memory timings to 5-5-5-15 2T and adjusted the voltages accordingly.
I know it has to be 333x9 to acheive 3 gig but where do you change the fsb setting? The multiplier is already set to 9, its locked and won't go any higher.
I've looked all over tomshardware and OC forums but no luck.


XMS2 8500 2x1g
bfg 8800gtx
asus striker extrme
On page 4-18 of your dust covered, unopened users manual it explains to:

Find AI Tuning in the bios, set to allow overclocking, select the options you want (AI, or various FSB).

If the unopened, dust covered maunal is already in the city dump you can find a replacement here:

Click USA in the 8th box down, for some reason the first English USA manual is in chinese...

(God I love doing these smart ass answers.) :)

PS Nice MB, I like the BIOS. Post if it has any quirks or bugs. I'm looking for a good Core 2 MB.
c'mon gimme a little credit....

I didn't know you had to increase the fsb in multiple's of 4.
I'm up to 2.85ghz now, seems stable. 2.90ghz or higher makes it go crazy.
Idle's at 27'C so pretty happy with that for the time being.
I guess the PSU was fine in the end...........
What happened to the piccys?
I guess the PSU was fine in the end...........
What happened to the piccys?

Yea, turned out to be an utterly useless LED button on the back of the case.
Pressed it and voila, fired up nicely.
As for the pics, its a bit of a mess atm, hoping to put the side on tomorrow, missus is complaining about the noise.;)

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