Stretch Taskbar across 2 displays?



Anyone know of a way to stretch the taskbar across two monitors? I am using two separate video cards (not a dual head or twinview system) so I am using XP's built in multi display support.
Yep. I can access both monitors just fine but the taskbar will not bridge both monitors. It would be nice at times to have it like this (in theory anyway). Just curious if there is a setting that does this.
hmmm searched all over MS and can't find a word about it, the bastards! sorry man :(
No worries, just a curiosity. Thanks for checking it out.

Check monitor orientation

I haven't done this in a long time, so I could be wrong. I think the start menu will only extend if you have the monitors oriented (in the display properties) so that they are right next to each other. Then again, it may not be possible at all - the best you may be able to do is to create additional menus (like the address bar) and place them on the secondary display. You should also check the start menu properties & search on -- I'm sure that someone does this & that it's really easy.
you want a prgram called


i used in windows 98, but havn't been bothered to install a second GC in XP. site says the new version is works on xp
Thanks. Look slike an interesting option. I'll try the trial version and see if its worth 25$.


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