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Street/trip mapping software...

Quick question: what do you think the best (or at least good) mapping program there is out there for printing out decent street maps for trips?

I have M$ Streets and Trips 2000 and it works ok, but a little outdated now...


Old School XPeriencer
I use mapquest all the time.


I think yahoo does it too.

And Rand McNally.

I have a "Thomas Guide" for L.A. I'm pretty sure they have a set of cd's for cars too. (Or something like that)
Thanks everyone. I ended up using my copy of M$ Street n Trips, which is part of MS Works2000 when I originally got my first PC. My intent was to map out my vacation route.

I really wish I didn't need the CD every time I want to map out a location though. :mad: Plus, I have to install MS Works (partially) just to get this program on my PC which requires me to juggle 3 different CDs.
I don't know if Streets & Trips 2000 has this feature, but you have the option of copying the entire database onto your hard drive in S&T 2002 and 2003 . You don't need the CD after that. With the size of drives these days, that's a feasible solution. Uninstall the application and try reinstalling it to see if you have this option. Good luck.

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