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I'm using Win Xp Home, IE 6 & Winamp
I streaming using www.live365.com Everything is fine until my screen saver kicks in and then the stream dies. I can reconnect with no problem. www.365.com have a small Java window up giving a playlist. I've tried closing that down but it doesn't help. I've tried changing to Microsot Java instead of Sun just in case, but that's no good. I've also used Sonquie player instead but again no good. So the only thing on my screen is the Audio player. IE closed down, Java window closed down. Any ideas on how I can stop this problem. I don't have this problem with any other site. I have talked to 365.com and they have no idea.
And just for the hell of it I turned the monitor off...no good.

Help please
Many thanks


I tried playing a sream from there. I used MP3 player (winamp) as the default player (mainly because i don't like playing stuff through IE and I despise Real Player). I closed all IE windows so I had only Winamp running. I enabled my screen saver and set to 1 minute. Screen saver kicks in and music keeps going.
Try the following:
- If you are using a special screen saver, try switching back to one of the screen savers that comes with windows.
- See if the same thing happens with a shoutcast stream from winamp.com.
- Disable your screen saver. :p


The problem only happens of 365.com's site. It's annoying that they can't come up with an answer as it's their software. Any other streaming is fine. Tried a standard Microsoft screen saver...no good. Think I'll just have to turn the screen saver off and then turn off the monitor.


By the way...I'm glad somebody hates Real as much as I do. It's a bit like AOL...takes over your computer.


.:: FTPAlex ::.
i agree also about real player.. i hate the thing :p

I havent experienced any problems with the live 365 streaming.. although i always have my screen saver disabled :p

but Real Player... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol


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