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Streaming media recording


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Ok guys... I left the thread title vague so you would come read this...

As many of you know I work as a military contractor...

In my job I am tasked with finding new and better technologies to improve the way we do things here.

At the moment I am looking for a streaming media recorder that will record the streaming feeds we have coming into or going out of our VTC rooms, off of CNN, Fox, etc... EDIT: to CD/DVD/Blu-ray etc...

I did not put this in hardware or software because there are many different ways to do this...

The requirements are to record the following formats:
windows media format - REQUIRED
MPEG 4.3.23 (or the newest MPEG) would be nice because we are probably going to MPEG over the WMF...

Of course REPS to all who provide me with a valid solution...

I have two already... if you hit one of those, I will rep you anyway :)

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