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Streaming Audio



Greetings everyone,

I'm trying to create some streaming audio but I'm not sure which application out there would be the best to use for the job...frankly, I've never worked with streaming media before...making it that is.

I know that RealPlayer and maybe even Window Media Encoder provide the ability to generate streaming media...but as I said, I'm not familiar with the process.

if anyone could provide me with some application titles to try or tips or tricks in creating streaming audio...I would be much in your debt. The audio I'm working with is a set of songs...no it's not for share via Napster like services:D

The songs are about 2-4 minutes in length, but I know that I can compress them much more and so forth.




OK, here's the deal.

I have a client who insists on having streaming audio on their website. They've recored a few songs and wish to allow people to listen to them via streaming audio as well as be able to download the files as MP3s...

So, it's not like an internet dj type of deal but more like going to movies.com and being able to watch trailers of movies...but instead of videos, just sound.

Does the WinAmp solution posted mean that everyone who wishes to listen to the stream needs to have winamp...

I'm new to this type of stuff so please bear with me here:rolleyes:



then i dont know. u could try soemthing with real media files because they are small to host and to download.


I see what you are saying:

Streaming media can be one of two things. It can be http streaming or it can be live streaming. In this case, I believe your client is referring to http streaming.

You can use any audio format for http streaming, although the most common ones are Windows Media and Real Media. Choosing which one depends on how deep your pockets run and/or experience level. To create the media, all you would need is the original audio file, and a media converter. Each company makes their own converter (Real Media - Real Producer; Windows Media - Windows Media Encoder). Windows Media Encoder is free, Real Producer is not. Once you create your audio file, you then need to create a reference file (.ram or .asx depending on which format). The converters themselves will handle that task. After that, you simply upload them and point a link to the .ram or .asx file. It will then stream the audio.

There are a few third party converters out there. I prefer using them.
Originally posted by Reg
Once you create your audio file, you then need to create a reference file (.ram or .asx depending on which format)
How? :confused: Do you just re-name the audio file?

When you say audio converter... do you mean to convert say a mp3 file into a wma?


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