streaky lines of color on everywhere,game has graphical corruption as well..

oh man!

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does anyone know whats wrong with my com?
it has streaky lines of color here and there and when i move my mouse ldots of red will follow it..

mainly these streaky lines are cyan in color and and even when i start my com i can see these random lines when its loading. i also believe this is the main cause of concern in my game , where supreme lag and corruption is occuring..

please, could any of this be caused by altering the registrys?

also when i start up a new windows these cyan lines will follow the path of the popping up window...
previosly this didn't happen..and i don't even know what the problem is..

oh man!

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ok..i have attached info from the DxDiag.

uh.yes my computer is near my cord phone on the table,but is it possible that the cause of the graphical corruption is my phone?

yes my graphic card is Radeon 9000 and i just updated the latest drivers 3 weeks ago..

nope i didn't overclock it, this problem just occured out of the blue 2 weeks ago..

oh man!


oh man!

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ok heeter i have followed your advice by remove my Ati Software, boot in safe mode, clean, boot again and reinstall my graphic update but it did not work somehow..
help! this problem has started to affect my games by causing graphical corruption!

i have attached a picture to illustrate my point...


oh man!

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yea i attached wrongly..

in this one is the actual one..
open this and u can clearly see its an image of my desktop which has some funny red and blue lines..

what are those anyway?how come they came to be there? i have done all the advice but its still not working..



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Before you put in the new video card drivers, how was the screen looking like with the default Windows drivers?

Next up is to assume that the video card is bad, Do you a video connector integrated onto your motherboard? Do you access to another video card?

Clean out drivers, shutdown machine, remove the AGP video card, connect monitor to new video connector, reboot and install drivers for new video.

This a tedious process, but for us home users, it is trial by testing.


oh man!

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before i installed new video card drivers that screen looked the same, meaning that when i move my mouse or open an application, dots of lines would follow it.

for example when im typing now some blue colored dots would follow the blinking bar before disappearing quickly. my cursor would blink red blue then black, its like something is tracing the path of the cursor or application with colored pens...

uh, i dunno abouta what a video connector is(coz im not a very technologically advanced guy) but i know i dun have access to another video card. Radeon 9000 pro Atlantis is my only graphic card..


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look to see if you have an onboard video connector:

look behind the machine, find a blue connector up around the pink printer port that looks exactly like the blue connector that your monitor is connected to right now.

If you do have another female blue connector up around the top, let us know.


oh man!

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no i don't have it..
what is this video connector thing anyway? is it very important?

what should i do
oh yes did u see the doc? i will send 2 more things over , my Dxdiag and a picture of what happens during startup..
hopefully u will know what the problem is..



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The idea behind this is to test to see if your card is done by bypassing it with another video card.

Since you cannot test to see if it the card, and this is the way video cards behave when they are dying,

Your video card is done,


oh man!

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this means...

goodbye dear Radeon 9000?
crap no money to pay for funeral :(

ok anyway what kinda cards would u recommend for an average gamer and web surfer like me?pls budget $100 to max $200..

pls feel free to list All that u feel suitable..
It looks like you'll probably need an AGP card.

If AMD actually produced drivers for it, I would have recommended the Radeon 2600HD Pro. Unfortunately, they don't; there is currently no support for AGP from ATI as of yet for that chipset.

PCI Express cards (the very 2600s with no AGP drivers are great in PCI-Express!) will give you much more bang for the buck, but if you aren't ready for a motherboard upgrade right now you're probably best off taking your pick from these two NVidia 7600GT cards.
His card is also not supported by the drivers he had installed. The support for them brings up drivers from 2006. :)
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You can confirm no support for the 9000 by looking @ the release notes.

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