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Strange "white screen of doom" problem with GF4 4200


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I've had this card, since christmas, getting it from my uncle in a whole new computer. Problem is, my mobo fried, and i have since been unable to get a new one, so I stuck my GF4 4200 into my old computer. Hmm, it works.... to an extent. It crashes @ a certain few games... The Thing, Unreal 2, Unreal 2K3, even C&C Generals on rare occations. Today it crashed on Serious Sam II, so im like, F THIS..... and I logged onto NTFS and posted this msg.. lol....

Anyways, the crash is ALWAYS, the same..... its not much of a crash, my screen just suddenly turns pure white, usually crosshatched with red or other colored dots. My computer hard freezes, and i have to punch the restart button...

I myself, is thinking its the crappy comp... GA-7ZM mobo, 1.4 T-bird unclocked to 1.1ghz cause stupid mobo only supports 100mhz FSB, 196 megs of ram, 2x80 gb drives, a 480 or so Watt power supply (Enermac), and etc.... (dvd, cd-rom....)

Im thinking it also might be a stupid Bios setting or something.... cause my geforce Mx 400 ran them fine with no crashes (ergo, very f'in slow.. :S).. so....

If any of you, have any clue... about whats wrong with it, please, leave a message.. or a solution... :)


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right now, 44.03... but i've gone through, like at least 6 or 7 driver sets after I got it.. kept updating drivers when new ones came out, so im thinking its not the drivers....

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