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4 Jul 2002
Yesterday my hubby clicked a link to listen to a sound file .It opened straight up in winamp then he closed it after it finished.
The thing is the damn sound is still playing continuosly in the background all the time.I have to mute the speakers.
I've searched every possible place on the pc and I can't find any file from it.
Any ideas whats going on??? :confused:

I'm using xp by the way.
Kill any hung/hidden winamp process threads. (just pop open taskmanager and nuke-away)?
Kill any hung/hidden IE process threads?

Errr... not too sure what else may cause it, I'd say it's most likely that Winamp is still open (even if you can't see it) so take a look through task-manager for anything there.
I've rebooted , killed everything , done a restore and even uninstalled winamp and its still doing it :eek:
Tried spy/ad/bla/ware scanner? I think hijack-this is the popular one atm.. not sure, more Enyo's department than mine :p
And a system restore to an earlier date did not fix it ?? That sounds bad only think that would remain after that would have to to tied deep into the system itself ... antivirus scans and spywear scans reveal nothing ? Have a look at windows sound options in the control panel see if you can locate any new theme for some unknown reason also maybe do a search with a wildcard try to find all forms of media files , now thats big job but maybe you can locate the source files .mp3's .wav etc etc any sound files in locations that look strange might lead you to the source ...
Example winamp and media player can scan your entire computer for all media files then you need to go threw the lists and listen to the ones you dont know by name and see if you can locate anything this way sorry I can't think of an easier way
Just an idea maybe limit it to C: for now that would be the drive of choice for some kind of crappy backdoor , idiotic highjacking gizzmo
i've done everything mentioned but can't find it anywhere.
It's playing a horrible crackling sound like broken speakers but theres nothing wrong with them :mad:
Do you know the name of the file? Maybe a Google search might turn up something on it.
This is a sound file of burned out speakers? Since you've done everything else, you could try to delete and re-install your sound card driver. Is it possible that your sound card is fried? Hard to tell from here without hearing the sounds, obviously.

I can play music and sounds just fine so theres nothing wrong with the sound card.
Looks like I'll have to mute the speakers till I want music on :rolleyes:
Have you tried the speakers on another machine the remove/reinstall option sounds like a start but what I find strange is the system restore was unable to fix it .. so many the speakers are gone .. lets see if marge has tried them somewhere else she says there is nothing wrong with them I tend to go with that

lol ok scrap all that I was typing as you posted it seems..

well that just sucks but reinstalling the drivers wont do any harm thats for sure
I'll do that tomorrow,I'm getting to the stage where I'm threatening it with a hammer so I better leave it alone for now :rolleyes: :D
So let me get this straight. Theres a sound file playing on your PC (though the speakers not the system speaker?) that plays from startup to shutdown unless your playing another music file?
yeah theres a sound file playing on the pc from startup to shutdown and through the speakers.Even when I play music you can still hear it underneath.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled the soundcard drivers but the sound is still there but it's a lot quieter now. :confused:
If he still knows the link he went to go back to the link right click go to properties find the file name then run a serch on your comp for the file. If he doesnt know the link anymore just go to any link right click then save target as. Once you see where it auto saves to just go there and delete any sound files that might be there.
It could have been scripted to save to any location but your idea is not bad about going back to the link , and maybe in your ie history you have the link ??

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