Strange Shorcut issue!!!

Ok, this one is driving me nuts! All desktop and startmenu shorcuts have been changed to:

"\\insert your ip here\c$\Program Files\VideoraiPodConverter"

more direct example:

"\\\c$\Program Files\VideoraiPodConverter"

This causes Windows XP to ask for confirmation for anything you attempt to open as if it was opening thru IE. Anyone seen this before?
This machine is part of a University network domain. I have changed the ip address for concealing the actual ip address. Any ideas how to resolve this sudden change in shorcuts? How it can occur? No one here in the IT department has seen this before. I find it kinda funny its an IT machine with the issue. However, it my work machine which isnt funny.


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Someone probably thought they would be funny, and changed it.

Find out the NetBIOS name the IP resolves to, and change it back if that's your fancy. XP knows how to interpret NetBIOS names better than IP addresses, which it will through into IE as you have seemingly experienced.

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