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Strange partition



I recently installed Partition Magic 7 with a view to creating a couple of partitions for games/apps etc.
I have a 60gb disk with about 6gb in use.
When i view the disk in PM7 it shows the disk split into 2 partitions with the first at @37gb primary with XP installation and the second a 18gb unallocated primary disk with nothing on.
When i look at disk properties in My computer it shows the disk as normal.
Any idea what this unallocated section is?


This could have happen in a number of ways - including during intallation. All you need to do in Partition Magig is to right click on the main partiotion and do a resize/ move - stach it so that it takes up the full drive.


I have tried that but after the PC has rebooted nothing has changed. I have tried creating partitions also and the same thing happens after rebooting. I think i may have a problem with my hard drive because i tried to run the checkdisk last night and it got about two thirds of the way and stopped saying it could not continue. No other error, just cannot continue.


It may be a warning that it is a problem - it might be an idea to do a full format (bummer) - if you can get your hands on another HD - perhaps you can ghost your current drive to it (search IMesh or kazza for norton ghost 2002).
Then format the drive and check it - if it's OK
use ghost to get the data back on again - this is a weekend job :( allow plenty of time for messing about with drives.
That's all the advice I can give you.

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