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28 Dec 2001
The problem is now sorted but it was exceedingly strange while it was happening :

I was installing A D-Link DWL 520+ Wireless PCI adapter in my newly built PC. After booting the machine up with the card newly installed the Micorsoft Wireless Optical mouse behaved erratically. It would work normally for about 10 seconds then freeze for a few seconds before resuming from where you had moved the pointer to while it was seemingly frozen.

This problem persisted until the PC had registered on the WLAN/Router I had in operation. The problem has not recurred since - odd!

This is the same card I used on my old PC and never had any problems when setting up the first time. Has anyone seen this before?

I'm thinking that the Wireless card was searching for frequencies until it was hooked into the router and this was causing interference on the wireless mouse. It may not have happened before because on my old system the PSU was a feeble 250W and now I'm running 550W PSU. Distance from the PC or shielding did not seem to effect the problem .

strange, i think it could have just been interferance, thanxfully it didn't mistake your mouse for a router :p
Yeah, had similar things happen to me, my ms set will allow me to change frequencies so you might want to give that a go aswell.

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