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Strange monitor issue.


Stranger Than Fiction
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My monitor at work was failing. I grabbed one off the shelf and it's brightness was messed up. Whites were so bright I could barely look at them. I tried to adjust the brightness controls on the monitor but they don't do anything unless you turn it all the way down and then its only slightly better. I tried messing with the brightness settings in the nVidia control panel and I can make it ok for some programs but others it's not. Anyways I gave up on that monitor and tried another one, different brand, different size, different cable, the whole deal. Brightness is messed up on this one too. I try the same fixes I did on the last one and it still isn't right. I try a 3rd monitor, same freaking deal. Now part of me is wondering if its the video card. I removed the drivers and reinstalled that latest ones. Still no effect. The opinions I get at work vary from horrible luck to something in the OS is screwed up. I would just do a quick reformat but I honestly can't see that helping. Any ideas?


Stranger Than Fiction
Political User
I've played with that setting for a while. Pretty much the same deal, it will look fine in one program and look bad in another.
There are 2 settings for video voltage level 0.7V or 1.0V to the monitor. If the video card and monitor are not set for the same level it can cause that problem.

On my monitor it is called video input level.
I can't find an adjustment on the ATI control panel.

So try going into the monitor setup and looking for it.

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