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Strange Logging out

Here is a Strange.....
I start up my computer, and type in the password to login, he will say Loading user prefs etc. then all of a sudden it will change to logging out. It will then bring me right back to where I started, and it keeps doing it. I tried to restart the computer in safe mode, but that didn't have any effect. Thanks for any help you can provide.
Maybe someone (virus?) installed a script that auto logs you out when you login. Hopefully, you have created another administrative account that might allow you to get in and fix this. If not, you can also login to Windows in safe mode and see what's going on. To go into safe mode, turn on your computer and keep tapping F8 until the boot options, including safe mode, appear. Then go to Start-->run-->msconfig and see if there's a program in the startup section that looks suspicious.
I tried starting it in safe mode, then loging in as the administrator, it still does the same thing. I don't know what to do. I don't want to lose all my files.
ok, I think I got it figured out. After consulting with some people, they advised me to do a repair on windows. (put in the CD, Boot to it, ignore the first repair option, and then choose the second one. let it install all the files.) Data will be safe.

That got it working for me....so I hope it helps anyone in the future.

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