Strange computer crash


I Like Cheese
It seems like 50% of the time that I got to my computer will crash :huh: Anyone have any clue as to where I should start looking to fix this?


Did you check for spyware and viruses?

And does it happan on other sites or just


I Like Cheese
It happens at no particular place on the page. Sometimes it crashes right when the page loads and sometimes it waits until I click a link and sometimes it don't crash it at all.
It has done this since the first day I built the computer and before I did any downloading so I know its not a virus or spy-ware. Its possible that other sites would crash it but the only one I have problems with is


Dr. my arm hurts when I move it like this.

then stop moving it like that. Seriously, my buddy had a computer that crashed at only, he was running wind 98. I adjusted the Videocard properties from full blast to just less than full blast and it never had that problem again. try it, you never know.


Boogie Nights...!
If using IE, try turning on the JavaScript Error Reporting.....might have something to do with that. At least if you turn that on and it still crashes (without a mention of JS problems) then that's one thing you can rule out.