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strange bootup and shut down messages

I am dual-booting WinXP and Win98 on separate IDE drives and sometimes get a strange message when either starting up or closing down the system.

WinXP : this message is only seen occasionally when shutting down. It says... "run time error 216" There is a box to click "okay" and sometimes I have to do this several times. Then the machine shuts down. There is no problem booting up or closing down the next time and it may be some time before I see this error message again.

Win98 : this message is only seen when starting up the computer. It is displayed on a blue screen and says... "An exception OE has occurred at 0028:C1517OE3 in VxD CDVSD (01) + 00001CF3. This was called from 0028:C1515F21 in VxD CDVSD (01) + 00000B31". I can continue on to the desktop but Win98 will be unstable if used and will soon lock up. I usually have to do a hard reset to be able to start up and go through to the desktop the next time with no problem.

Any ideas on what these messages are and/or tweaks to fix the problem?

Thanks, Alan


The only thing that I could find about "Run time error 216" was for windows 9x. Anyways apparently that error is related to subseven and the sugest fix is to run antivirus software
Thanks for the info.

As I have both anti-trojan and anti-virus programs I will run them both to see if anything about Subseven come up. I thought that Subseven was a Trojan and there has been no report from
Zone Alarm that any unknown program is trying to run in the background.

Regards, Alan

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