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straight hair vs curly hair

in your opinion do you think women look better with curly hair or straight hair. i say staright is better, but my friend says that curly looks better on some women, what do you think?
Mostly straight, but it depends on the woman. Sometimes curly can look really good too.

(I guess I'm saying "who cares, as long as it's a woman" ;))

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Originally posted by SnookBooger
Funny thing is, when people have curly hair they want straight hair and vice versa.
lol that's very true.My hairs long and got silly curly bits here and there and I hate it.
I have to straighten it all the time :confused:

Who ever designed straighteners deserves a medal :D


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my new gf looks a damn lot like dido, i told her dido is my fav person out of all actors/singers/performers. her hair is straight and blonde with dark streaks but not that many, it curves inwards like didos does sometimes, she is damn fit....didn't take long to replace my ex :p and she is a hairdresser so she said she is gonna try going dark for a few days to see what i prefer ;)


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