Stories about intercepting an E-Mail virus/worm without knowing till the last minute

Lets do one of those War story style threads. I'd like some stories about intercepting viruses/worms without knowing until the last minute and your AV scanner did not notice.

So lets start it right with one from me!
I got an e-mail about a year end trip with an attachment that Outlook 2000 SP3 blocked (It was Quotes.doc. SCR ) I was curious so I put in the Norton AV Quarantine and updated the Definitions (Because it would not let me submit to SARC without new definitions) And then I submitted it and a day later I got an e-mail with the results and it said that it contained a known worm.
So thats it for me! I hope there will be more stories like this


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I havent really been hit, I have had a few which were either trapped or looked so dubious that I just got rid of them.


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I have worked with viruses a few times now, from personal experience I have been spammed with viruses but they have never effected me. But before I had much knowledge in computing I had just purchased a pc for myself and put a crossover cable between mine and my mums computer. I recieved a virus and being the overclocker / benchmarker that I was I never had antivirus for maximum performance. My mum on the other hand did but hers was never updated.

I recieved a virus which trashed my system leaving it in an ir-repairable state and so forth went the virus down the cat5e cable into my mums computer. we thought her computer was ok, but i updated the antivirus and then boom the antivirus software dissapeared :eek: :confused: So i managed to get the antivirus working somehow and when it scanned it said like 50,000,00 files infected :p I was like o oh :eek:

So had to wipe both machines and managed to save her documents in dos :p



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so the lesson is always have norton antivirus installed - yes i meant to say norton cos they are the best!! I have 5 computers on my network all nav 2003 pro, latest updates :)

Well I've got so many e-mails with viruses on wedsenday that like every time I checked I got at least 2 prompts with the Repair Wizard

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I have received a few viruses through Kazaa lite but My very-well-kept-updated Norton SystemWorks 2003 picked all of them up, sometimes deleting them as they come into my computer. I have seen a virus in effect.

Here's the story:

One day a long time ago when I had Windows 98, I brought a floppy disk full of my school work home and opened some docs to work on then boom, the computer rebooted and would not start up. I looked through the C: drive and found out that the computer was infected!

The virus wiped my hard drive! ALL OF THE FILES Including my own stuff was gone for good! :'( I managed to reinstall Windows 98 and all of my programs. All this time, I was inexperienced in computers so I learnt more about computers and found out that you must have a good Antivirus Program and a Firewall installed to protect the computer. I am now an experienced Windows XP Home and Pro User knowing what to do to deal with computer problems.

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