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18 Dec 2001
I get a message on start up telling me windows has stopped loading because a problem has been detected etc.This is intermittent.It says to check the Stop message etc.This is what I get,Tech Info:OxOOOOOO7E(OxcOOOOOo5,OxF9733A78,OxF9E84810,OxF9E84510).I have not got a clue what this means and where to start,any ideas anyone?
go to start/run and type 'msconfig' go to the startup tab, and see if there are any new things or things that look like errors on there, and uncheck them
Stop Message

Looked in Start Up(msconfig),5 items as follows.
Navapw 32...............C:\Progra~1\Nort
Iamapp.....................C:\Program Files\Nort
LV Coms...................C:\Program Files\Com
Ctf Mon.....................C:\Windows\System
I think LV Coms (Logitech Quick Cam) is the one that maybe playing up,I had alot of trouble with it before,I have got latest drivers for it.I also unchecked it and on restarting got same error message as before.I dont know what Ctf Mon is.I think I will uninstall the Logitech Cam and see whay happens.One other thing, in Event Viewer I have red error messages under systems and the event is something called acpi?Any more suggestions.
More Info

I have more info from Event Viewer,I right click on the error message and under properties is the following message:AMLI:ACPI Bios is attempting to write to an illegal IO port address(Oxcf8),which lies in the Oxcf8-Oxcff protected address range.This could lead to system instability.Hope this can shed some light on this problem.
Getting Desperate

Just got in from work,switched on comp and got Error message up again.I uninstalled Quick Cam as I said in earlier post but seems to have had no effect,any more ideas anyone,anywhere.
On right track

I do have a Logitech Cordless Keyboard and it was recognised as being incompatible in XP.I have just downloaded latest software from Logitech site,I will let you know how I get on.In Hardware tab/Device Manager it is not there it just says generic keyboard.
The Latest.

Still throwing up error message,checked event viewer again at the time of the error and same thing about the ACPI attempting to write to an illegal port address.This issue is in the Mircosoft support site and advises to update the BIOS as stated in an earlier reply.This is beyond me, would not know where to start,I will have to take PC to shop where I had it made.
Hi Mick,

I think most likely you have a BIOS issue. Something is try to load into a protected memory space. Could you give a detailed description of your hardware and software? Updating a BIOS is not that difficult basically all you have to do is create a floppy and type a few commands save your money. It depends on the BIOS most web sites have detailed instructions, follow them exactly.

Did you do a clean install or an upgrade to XP? I personally have never seen an upgrade that worked.

Another way to findout the culprit is go to a bare bones config:

Video Card
Hard drive

Format your drive and reinstall XP. If you still get the error message then it is most likely your BIOS and you will have to update. If not get the system up and running and install hardware one a a time untill the error reappears.

Hope this helps
Reply to Cychem

Thanks for the reply,I think I will format and do a clean install and update BIOS.It was an upgrade from Win98.Here is a list of hardware/software.
1Ghz Athlon
Abit KT7 mobo
Hercules 3D Prophet 11 MX g/card
Sound Blaster PCI 64 s/card
Pioneer DVD player
56K Rockwell/HCFmodem
Logitech Cordless Keyboard
Microsoft Cordless Mouse
Logitech Web Cam(uninstalled)
Belkim USB Hub (Uninstalled)
HP 695c Printer
HP 4400c Scanner
256 Mb Ram
40Ghz(20-20 Partitioned)
Norton Internet Security 2002
" Antivirus "
Microsoft Office 2000
Cyberlink Power DVD
Logitech Itouch Software
Quicktime 5.01
Realtplayer 7
Tweak XP
Acrobat 5
Winzip 8
I think thats it,I will let you know how I get on.

At long last,updated BIOS,error message gone,thanks to all who posted suggestions.

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