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Stop error message


Al Jackson

I have XP Pro. Every time I shut the computer down I get the following stop error message. "Multiple IRP requests 0X00000044" and that is followed by a bunch of more zeros. I was told by Microsoft so-called support that this means some type
of hardware error message but "What" exactly they did not tell me. Does anybody know what this means? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

AMD XP 1600
Asus MoBo A7V266
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card
ATI AIW Radeon 7500
Netgear Network card
Windows XP Pro.
Maxtor 80gig HD

Al Jackson


Thanks Lonman for the fast reply. I finally figured it out. It had to do with my USB ATI Remote control for my video card. I unplugged it and XP now shuts down fine. However I also noticed that when I go to unplug "ANY" USB device (Game pad or controller) my whole computer INSTANTLY reboots like someone flipped a switch or something. Weird!! Anyway thanks again Lonman!
make sure you use the safely remove hardware icon in the lower right of your screen, select the controller or whatever you are removing and hit stop. then unplug and it shouldn't reboot
USB and ATI in the same sentence... just one of those is usually enough for a problem or two, lol. I guess just avoid hot swapping your usb stuff to prevent the reboot problem. I'm glad you were able to narrow it down so quickly... good luck in finding the right driver (doubtful - ATI isn't very good at XP yet).

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