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Stop detecting printer ?



Am using XPpro and EVERYTIME i reboot (with the printer on) it comes up with new hardware detected, even though the driver is installed - and the printer works fine !!!

Any ideas please
Is your printer USB? I've noticed alot of USB printers do this do to them not actually turning themselves *fully* on until they detect the power from the computer via the usb cable hence when windows starts the printer fully starts up and windows says new hardware, and it probably says new hardware but doesn't ask to install drivers right cause windows already knows the drivers are there


Nope, it good old parallel !!! It can do USB, but I dont use the parallel port for much else, so I decided to save a USB port !!
Plus, the last time I tried USB, the driver didnt like to print from my old 16 progs !! (that was under ME tho') My printer is the excellant HP DJ930.


I am having the identical problem with XP Pro and a Canon MultiPASS C3500 printer.
try going into your bios and setting your parallel port to EPP+ECP mode...win will then detect it as new hardware, let it go through with finding the drivers and installing then reboot again and there is a 65% chance the problem will be gone..and even if it isn't EPP+ECP mode is more efficient anyway :)


New to the forums, but here's some suggestions. These are from personal "Work" related issues from a another major printer manufacture..

1. Change your port mode, get out of the ECP, no hybrids either none of that EPP/ECP crap.

2. Are your drivers for XP, did you d\l them? If you did, is it a Setup/install.exe or an *.inf?
If it's an *.inf, then when your starting up, and XP finds that damn printer again, then go through the motions of reinstalling it, direct the H\W wiz to the Folder or Disk were the *.inf is. If it's not digi signed by bill's people, then con't anyway. Also if It asks you to Keep or Replace? REPLACE IT.

If it was a setup/install.exe installation, then, this sucks, but for a test. enable hidden and system files. Reboot, Did XP do it again. If so the Printer man, needs a new driver ver.

BTW..This shit can happen on any interface...damn plug and pray

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