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Good Morning little campers. :D

Maybe someone can explain this to me. I don't have the ".avi" entry here:


Whn I enter the reg file to "Stop" AVI Preview, it creates the AVI entry, with no values.

When I click on the "UNDO" reg file for this tweak, it enters a long number on "PropertyHandler".

Then, when I re-enter the "Stop" AVI Preview reg file, It deletes the number from PropertyHandler.

Somehow, this doesn't seem right to me...or else I just don't get it.

Here's the "Stop Preview" reg file, and after that the "UNDO Preview" reg file. Are these right? If I don't have the AVI entry in the first place, is this tweak necessary?


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Hi Bold, Sorry I cant help you w/this prob but I jus wanted to let you know I talked to Jewelzz about the "name" prob an she jus wants you to PM her. :)

"We now resume our regularly scheduled programming" :p


As far as I know that registry entry (as specified in the Undo file) is there by default. Maybe you removed it before, either manually or using a tweaking program. Or ... if shmedia.dll is on your deletion list and you ran a registry cleaner afterwards ... don't know. :D


Yeah, that is kinda weird it not being there if it's there by default. This is an old backup Image I'm using, and I may have deleted the avi entry thinking that was a good way to apply the tweak...wait...maybe X-Setup did it. I don't know. At my age you forget a lot of stuff. ...You'll find out.

Thanks, Jan. I'll do that.

( Jewelzz wants me to send her a private message. Now's my chance. I better go comb my hair first.)


Wait, I just thought of it. RegCleaner deletes unused file extentions. That's it. Aha!

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