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stone temple pilots

ok, so i just love their music..u know when u just feel that the lyrics are ment to only you..i'm prob. in the wrong thread...just..listen to them...thats all...hey xsivforce..how u doin'?..hehe..ok, i'm rambeling...anybody else have a favorite band(music) that just means everything??
Ive got a few.. Tool since i went to their concert in the pouring down rain for 6 hours. Also i always listen to nin and sublime. Just my favorite music. by the way i do also like stp


DEVO.....It's like their singing to me.......LOL

No, really, I'm on old stuff, but still like rock. AC/DC, Ted Nugent, Sammy Hagar, Van Halen, etc..

But I'll always be particular to Boston. It's the guitars that get me. Got all their CD's. AWESOME.......

Also like YES, Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, BTO, Rush, REO, Journey, Doobies, Kansas, ELO (Jeff Lynne is a GREAT writer).

Oh, did you say 1??? LOL. Sorry.....

PS: Only 2 concerts of my life......

Ted Nugent w/ Sammy Hagar opening (1977)
Blue Oyster Cult w/ British Lions opening (1977)(AWESOME)

Oh, yes, that tune "Hero" from "Spiderman" by Nickelback. Good stuff....

be cool with the language


I'll bet that Bob Marley concert was good. I've always wanted to go to a Jimmy Buffet concert. I'm a little bit Parrot Head........
Oh man the marley concert was great (exept it was ziggy bobs dead) but theres a story behind it... First of all the show was in birmingham about an hour from here and since i was 15 at the time i had to get a ride with these two girls and the show was 18+ so they made fake ids and i tried to get one but it didnt work out.
So the concert was sopposed to start at 800 so at 7 30 we got some sushi across the street and walked to the concert hall at 930 and foundout they were still doing sound checks.
And it was around 40 degrees outside so we walked around for another hour and finally tried to get in.... well the two girls got in but i didnt... so i walked around for a while then the two girls ran outside and said i need to talk to the bouncer dude.
by this time its about 1045 so i go in and talk to him and he says "Listen... im doing you a favor so your going to have to do me a favor... your going to have to entertain me...." so i was getting a little scared that he might ask me to do a favor for him.. then he says "i want you to do 1 pushup" so i did it and he marked my hand and pushed me in..
the wailers finally got on stage at 1130 since they went to their hotel to take a shower... and the show ended at 200 and i got home at 330 which i was sopposed to be home at 100.
Originally posted by catch23
Borders and Boundries is my favorite CD ever :eek:X

It's the best they've ever done (though everything they do is good)...
dont get me wrong its a good cd but its just not there style... it sounds nothing like losing streak or hello rockview

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