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still got boot probs



ok, this is a new problem since i done a clean install of xp pro.
when i push the power button i get all the usual lights e.g. H.D -C.D. rom- C.D. writer- floppy, and the fans kick in aswell.
however i dont get any responce from the monitor, and strangely enough the power light on the case does not come on !
if i reset it the power light comes on and it boots up as normal.
i've updated the motherboard drivers and flashed a new bios.
i've also tried changing the FSB jumpers on the board to no avail.
Has anyone got any idea what this might be.
i would appreciate any help at all anyone could give me on this.
thank you.

i'm getting desperate now...:( :confused:
Are you sure the leads from the power switch are hooked to the power leads on the board and not hooked to the reset leads on the board and vice versa? Also, check "Power Option" in the "Control Panel" for proper configuration. It's a guess/suggestion...


Could your power switch be going wonky on ya? I've seen a few systems act like this. Check the connections there at the switch all the way to the board and make sure the contacts are clean/tight. You could try bypassing it as well if you know about such things. Never gone there myself. OH, and shut down the system, unplug it and cycle the power switch. Then plug it back in and try. I don't really know what that does, but I saw a guy do it once and he got his going. <shrug>


thanx for the info.
just checked the leads to the board they are all ok.
unfortunatly i cant get to the light end of the lead without pulling the case apart, but that light does come on after resetting it !
also had a look in power options properties, on the UPS tab i have no manufacturer or model number stated for my monitor !....is this right ?
and it says uninteruptable power supply service is stopped !
have you got any more suggestions on this ?
thanks again

p.s. what do you mean by cycle the power switch ?


My UPS tab is the same way. Do you have your system connected to a UPS?

I meant to push the power button when I said to cycle it. (sorry) And don't feel bad, my wife gave me the evil brow on that too! lol


i take it UPS is some sort of power back-up ! is that right ?
if it is then no i dont use it.
have you got your monitor manufacturer and model number in that tab ? because i haven't..could this be the problem ?

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
the ups

The ups screen /settings are only if you have a back up source of power that would kick in if the power failed like a storm or what not that has nothing to do with your problem , as for your problem sounds like a faulty power switch of even the power supply might becoming faulty , the power switch and leads (wires) from it are not very expensive but a power supply thats a few bucks for sure

the>>>> on the UPS tab i have no manufacturer or model number stated for my monitor !....is this right ?

is not a monitor its the make of the power supply


A UPS is a power backup. Since you don't use one, the info on that tab doesn't matter. What are your other settings in the power managment section?

Shamus MacNoob

Political User

uninteruptable power supply =UPS

it has nothing to do with what your looking at your moniter has nothing to do with that sorry mate

looking back at the post <<<<<< did you change your vid card ? or the drivers for the vid card?


thanks for clearing that up, it makes sense now...lol :rolleyes:
i can pick up a new case with power supply for about £30,
think thats the best option.
so it must have been a coincidence that i formatted and went on to xp at the time because it was fine before that. :(

Shamus MacNoob

Political User

you know what I got a problem sometimes its kind of like you I boot up and I dont see my screen but if I turn off the monitor and turn it back on it kicks in this is not all the time just sometimes but thats only with a certain set of drivers I since then formatted and tested drivers must have tested 7 sets and all my games and finally made a choice now I am fine .... now is this your problem not sure sounds almost the same except my power light always comes on so I am thinking no ... but you could try the turn monitor on /off see if it kicks in


power schemes set to - home office/ desk

turn off monitor- after 20 mins

turn off hard discs- never

system standby- never

system hibernates- never


prompt for password when computer resumes from standby

when i press the power button on my computer - shut down

when i prees the sleep button - standby


enable hibernation

free disc space- 14.495meg

disc space required - 256mb


thanks kermit,
thats one of the first things i tried ..on/off monitor but it didn't make any difference,
i am thinking also that it may be a power supply problem now,
hope not.
this thing is takeing my money quicker than the wife !!:(

Shamus MacNoob

Political User

Yeah me too was a long shot

sure seems to lean towards the power supply / switch

dont mean to call out the devil but I am hoping its not the mobo that is getting wacky


yeah i hope it's not the mobo aswell,it's an MSI KT7 Turbo (6330 lite) VIA chipset.
i had this prob before i updated the drivers on the board and flashed the bios, so hopefully it is a power supply prob :confused:

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