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Steam I think you're great!


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well I have been using steam from when it was a beta packaged to also play the cs 1.6 beta (i played cs for a lot longer than that but this is about steam)

I love it, games get to be updated frequently even if it's one bug which most games won't release a patch over one bug, it lets you buy games and gets you the best support possible.

There are also so many options like updating games you want to update and then not updating things you won't want to update.

It has it's fair share of bugs and faults like the friends network and certain patches getting recalled but even then the patches and everything are done for you.


the main reason I love steam so much is the diffculty at which it takes to crack a game and get it out to download in the warez community.

Now I know that the games through steam do get cracked and can be played but it's so hard, a pain the butt to do so. I wish more companies would use implementations like steam to get their games updated frequently and to keep the warez monkeys from getting the game out so quickly

also if you cheat and the built in anti cheat catches you you are banned for a year and either have to get a new account with brand new game key or if steam itself has problems it can detect whether the game is warez as well.

that's my 3 cents (cause it's worth one more penny)


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I like Steam but the security the tout isn't all that and a bag of chips. The day (hours after) CS Source was activated, there were already copies on the net and a small fix to make them playable on official servers. So no, I don't agree that Steam does a great job on security and to prevent warez.

Electronic Punk

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Well it wasn't available until they unlocked it.

CS: S is NOT current cheat activated, Valve seem to have a policy where they let the cheats and pirates get comfortable and then they strike.

If they could do if for Condition Zero, I am more than sure they will do it for Counter-strike Source.

For a global simultanious release I have no doubts that HL2 will leak early, I just hope when this happens that they flip the switch :)


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Does anyone here play on the DumBer servers? I've been getting really bad lags on them for the past 2 months while other players on it feel nothing.

Electronic Punk

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I just play on which ever server has a lowish ping and is playing a map I am into -- usually chateau atm... really like em all tho piranesi is annoying just because it has always sucked.


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I get a ping of anything between 7 and 69 usually... but that makes no difference to the lag I'm experiencing recently...
I tried another server last night just to see if it was me being paranoid or maybe the server. Got a ping of between 30-89 and guess what?! no lag at all.

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