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For the past couple weeks I have been having this issue with Steam. I have looked around, but I don't even know what to look for. I just formatted and installed 7 RTM, so it's a clean install. It's 100% a Steam issue.

I thought I'd post here before contacting Valve. Seems like an issue you guys would figure out before them lol See attached image.


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Sorry not able to help, but I had elements of my desktop appearing while playing Crysis. :dead:
Looks like maybe an issue with that fancy Aero desktop stuff. Maybe try disabling Aero and see if you still have the issue. :)
nah, that has nothing to do with Aero, but the steam servers have been going on and off. At certain times the client failed to find the server.
It's been happening for longer then the Steam server issues. So I don't think its that. And the problem has not been going on long enough to be the aero desktop, but I tried that anyways, and yea still an issue.

I sent a ticket to valve just now. Hopefully they give an answer. I have a feeling it has something to do with IE. Which I don't use, but Steam does.
They came back to me and said they can't help because I am using an unreleased version of Windows. Even though RTM is technically not unreleased if you ask me lol
Has not yet been released to the general public is what they probably mean.

I think it is something in your configuration like video drivers or something.

I say this as I have no problems of any kind with Steam and Windows 7.

Have you tried turning off protected mode in IE?
I haven't even opened up IE, is it set to that automatically? I will try it.

Yea video drivers seems like it would make sense, but I have tried different ones already. No luck on that front. hmm
This has been on their forums and of all things they blame Firefox's coding. It happens on systems without Firefox, too.

Fact of the matter is, it's poor coding in their client. Exiting and restarting the client makes it go away.
The funny thing. I haven't changed anything, but the past 2 days it has not happened. Now of course I am not stating the problem fixed, I am sure it will come back.

And oh boy is it ever not Firefox lol
One of their own devs looked through Firefox's source code and placed blame on a line of code too. It's quite sad, really, that they pass the blame.
I do not have Firefox installed and do not have this issue.

According to the second link, Mozilla have confirmed this bug and are working on a fix.
The issue of the message box in the top left corner for me seems to have stopped. Though the minimizing Firefox still opens up Steam. Though that one does not bother me as much.
Just stopped I think. I didn't pay attention that well. I know I didn't change anything within Firefox.
Steam update, oh look:
Workaround for a Firefox 3.5 bug where they activate random windows after minimizing which would confuse the state of some Steam windows.
Yea well mine is still doing that and it's been updated. Very weird.

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