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Steam Account Hacking


OSNN Veteran Original
To everyone who is on my friends list in Steam.

Account name bmangamer

Please remove me (or at least don't answer my statments) I have been hijacked and am waiting for Valve to change my information and password. I am pissed. One of my friends accounts was hijacked and I let me hijack me because I thought it was a friend.

I will update here once I get it back, just to let you know. Watch out!


OSNN Veteran Original
To make me sound better, it was a highly trained hacker, and I could of not known either way. To be honest, I trusted a friends account, not listening to my instincts.


OSNN Veteran Original
Valve was very fast this time, I am in full control of my account again.

I will also live by that now!


OSNN Veteran Original
I forgot about that thread.

I only posted this to warn the people on this forum who are on my list to watch out. If you would like you could remove it now.

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