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6 Dec 2003
Running A NAT Router with Zone Alarm Pro.
GRC "Shields UP" test tells me all ports stealth but port 113 is closed but not stealth.

The information provided by GRC is not very usefull.
I searched but found no info on how to stealth this port?

any help would be great
thanx :D
port 113 is the Ident or Auth port which is needed for IRC and some FTP connections
I am not completely sure how you would go about stealthing this port though
Simply use port forwarding on the router and forward port 113 to a none existent address on your LAN.

Some NAT routers respond with closed as it prevents a delay when using services that check ident. If you use such services often, like IRC, then you may want to leave it, it does no harm to do so but can give away the presence of a otherwise perfectly stealthed system.

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