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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Kr0m, Oct 5, 2002.

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    Since the previous thread got out of control, we'll try it again, and please folks, refrain from flaming. This is an interesting subject. I'd hate to see it get closed again.

    To continue from where I last read some decent posts...

    I'm thinking that the music industry should be spending their money on better copyright schemes for their CDs than waste resources on getting individual people who serve the music. I wouldn't be upset either if they went after the P2P programs with even more force... the creators of the programs that is.
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    I think that the RIAA needs to realize this is a new era, a time were p2p can be your best friend, or worst enemy. IMO I think that the RIAA should consider the way that p2p services work and adapt a similair program, I know I would d/l if I knew it were a perfect .mpg file, I mean all they have to do is get a few descent people to put ad's on there web site and have them pay them for the d/l and or charge the users a small yearly fee of say 20 bucks a year, com'on thats more then they are getting now off of kazaa, or other p2p services, I belive the CD (purchased in a store) is going to die, unless they can come up with a really good reason to buy a CD, like access to special events, or web purchases any promo. well I'm rambling now so C_YA
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    I agree with you. but since the RIAA is still fighting Verzion in court for the name of person who supposedly hosting 600 some odd copyrighted files I don't see this happing.

    read this story
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    Yeah well with that I'm just praying that the judge or his/her children d/l music and understand where we the people are coming from, or at least can see how it would be completly against a peoples privacy.....wiether its legal or illegal, I mean look at the guy who got away with having tons of marijuana plants in his house becouse the police used infrared and say him, its not okay for that becouse its invasion, but it might be okay for a company to pry into our PC com'on now
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    Excellent point, vdubVR6
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    If speaking only from my point of view, than i dont really mind music downloads...
    Music today is made for two reasons, one is its artistic value, and the other is for cash.
    those who make music for its artistic value will continue making it, even if it pays less.
    those who make it for the cash, well, i dont really care about them..
    All of the things I really like I buy on a CD, the 100+ cds i have did cost me allot, but i think the artists how made them deserve every penny I payed for them..
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    Hey I was first!!

    Dunce as I am, I put:

    'MP3 Downloads - is it a crime' in General - can the mods join the two threads?