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13 Feb 2002
Okay...this problem is more of an annoyance than anything. I hate when Windows XP starts up and, as it finally shows the desktop, it makes this loud 3.5" A: drive seek for no reason.

I've been slowly reinstalling this computer, making several System Restore points, and have actually had to restore it three times already. I found that my audio driver, my scanner, and the antivirus monitor all caused it. Luckily, Windows Update had better drivers for the audio and scanner that didn't have the A: seeking. But it is the antivirus (Sophos AntiVirus) that kills me. I uninstalled it and it went away.

What the hell causes this damn A: seeking, and is there anything I can do about it? I would really like to get my antivirus back up, if possible.

If I remember correctly, the Antivirus is scanning the A: for viruses.

As I am not very familiar with the brand of software you are using, I know in some of the AV programs you can turn that feature off.

You'll have to look around in the proggie for that.

FYI, I use AVG from and I don't have that trouble, and it is a good piece of software.

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