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Starting up problems!!!

im sick and tired of my computer not being able to work with different sticks of RAM. I've tried a 512mb mushkin pc2700 and now i just tried a rosewill 512mb pc2100.....with the rosewill i just tried now it would get to the page about "hardware change" then ask whether to start it in safe mode, last configuration or normally. and i tried each one and before the windows logon even came up it would just restart. then i would take the rosewill out and put my samsung 256(pc2100) back in and it would work perfectly. can someone tell me why i can't get other RAMs to work? its effing annoying and i keep wasting money with all these restocking fees :mad:
wow i hate abit holy crappppp! but that list doesn't necessarily mean everything else should be incompatible...hmm soo i guess my choices now are crucial, corsair, and samsung. wahoo for restocking fees

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