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I have used Redhat Linux before, but went back to windows a short while after. I kinda wanna go back to Linux, but there is one thing I need to know. I'm on a network with for computers (including mine) if I installed Redhat, that would be 3 computers Windows XP and 1 Redhat Linux. Would there be a problem with the network, usually I set it up so that I can see the other computers and take there files if wanted, and same with other people to me. I'm asking if there would be any problems, or is it hard to set this up on linux? Any help would be great!!!!
Nice to see so much activity in the Linux section lately. :)

Anyways, to answer your, there would be no problems, and it's definitely not a difficult process to set up SAMBA, which allows network file sharing with Windows machines.
Once you get your Linux installation up and running, let us know, and we should be able to give you further info on how to go about the configuration process. :)
Just do a google search for Samba. I have a network with FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows XP/2000 computers and samba lets all the unix varieties network with windows no problem.
Ok thanks alot, not sure when I'm going to be doing this, but should be soon!
resurrection time!

SuSE user here - all up and running....

From Linux I see all machines on network fine.... now when I go to access prompt screen says user/password/DOMAIN, but my network is using WORKGROUP - do I have to swap whole network over to domains? Or can I get Linux to play ball with WORKGROUPS?
Should work if you just enter your workgroup as your domain.
tried both - no go either way

someone on a Linux forum explained I may need Samba on my Linux machine - I need to look into that (tomorrow!)
Bman™ said:
Ok thanks alot, not sure when I'm going to be doing this, but should be soon!
and did you? Or did "soon" not come around?
I thought you had samba installed, yes you need that to network with windows from unix/linux.
j79zlr said:
I thought you had samba installed, yes you need that to network with windows from unix/linux.

It will be installed when I next post :cool:
OK Samba was largely there actually - I just had to configure a few more module and grab them off the DVD I burnt.

So I have it there and can navigate from the Linux as far as any of my network shares - but no further.

I get a dialog box for username and password (the workgroup issue is resolved) and yet even if I enter valid ones get no further, either permission is denied or there is a system error. Any ideas? On the XP side I have already disabled simple file sharing and used GPEDIT (is that right?) to enable the guest account and so forth... all XP side networking is smooth, any ideas how to enable the Linux, must be just one more step I feel?
you have to have identical accounts on linux and XP with passwords, then you have to add these users to samba with

smbpasswd -a username
when installing FC3, choose Samba server + Samba GUI config ( yes i'm really visual :bored: )

I had to setup a share between 10+ computers.. took 5 minutes and done !

create a user/group like "sharedfiles" or whatever the name, you can bind each user to a particular directory with passwords for sure, then in Windows you can go to Network Places, add a network place set the share \\192.168.*.*\"folder"

Be sure to fix the permission and all that stuff because you won't be able to read/write properly

chown "user:group" /place/whereyourfilesare

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